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Creating your world

All human beings, we are creating and making our life a story, this story is reflected in many of our deepest desires, and with that energy that comes from within and that's when we started to create things, circumstances and we are around for yourself.
We all create our world and an example of creating the world we see it reflected in large companies and ideologies that have emerged in the world, such companies as Coca Cola, Herbalife, Microsoft, Apple Inc., Hilton, Facebook, Twitter, Google.
Companies were started as the world of a person or persons but eventually formed their own world and why not say, now is a whole universe of communication, is also at the quantum level yourself you are creating your world around you, and depends on what you are inside you is what will create, so pay attention to what you are because that reflected both your body and your behavior and this will be reflected in others.
All if we unite we can create worlds of love and peace like Gandhi, Mother Ter…

Why not use more love?

The history of thehuman being ismade ​​up of differentstages, civilizationsand times,we havebeencallingusas human beings,butdespite allthat has been done, there is noculture thatisused inlove,totransform orovercomeyourworst enemiesor renderthe enemy,evenasthe Biblespeaks ofwarsand deaths ofothers werevalid whenthe Godof the Jewsdid not acceptothers orfortheir territory.

Other civilizationslike the Egyptians,Babylonians, Persians, Romans,and evenAmerican civilizationsasMexica, Maya,Olmec.Despite itsadvances inscience and technology,continued to useviolence,but in the endwedid not workthatway, because thehatecreates morehate,and I thinkthat people likeGandhi, Buddhaor Jesus,are those thatmost needtoday, whatWhy?things would change, butI thinkwe are not sodifferentcivilizations, wehave moreofwhat we call technology, but still,there areconflicts, wars, hatred, I thinkwe still havetouse love, allreallyhealthis world of evermorefragmented.

All we seek, we seek

Thepursuit of happinessis related tomany things,including:moneyHaving a partnerHavingthe right circumstances.But what ishappiness,where it goes, truehappinessishavingthe perfect body, look good, thatis happiness orhow or whatis the purposeof human beingson this planetearth, but thatprevents us from havinghappinesswe longtostealus,makes us thinkwe need somethingto have with us,giveusmoney,grantusthe power, fame, glory,giveit to us.watch this videoandyou lookedsomething youthinkis happiness.In the endI thinkto be happy.getting tobetheperfect match,money, andthe things you needor thinkyou need, start withfirst believeyou deservethose thingsthatare possiblefor you,not onlyin words but ingreat actions, both in andthinktoasyou move into theworld asyou interactwith others andwhat kind of worldyou createaround you.

Todos buscamos, que buscamos

La búsqueda de la felicidad esta relacionada con muchas cosas, entre ellas: El dinero EL tener una pareja EL tener las circunstancias correctas.
Pero que es la felicidad, hacia donde va, es verdad que es felicidad tener el cuerpo perfecto, verte bien, esa es la felicidad o como o que es el propósito del ser humano dentro de este planeta tierra, pero que nos impide tener la felicidad que tanto anhelamos que nos la roba, que nos hace pensar que necesitamos algo para tenerla con nosotros, el dinero nos la dará, el poder nos la otorgara, la fama, la gloria que nos la dará. mira este vídeo y miraras algo que se cree es la felicidad. Al final creo que el llegar a ser feliz. el llegar a tener a la pareja ideal, el dinero, y las cosas que necesitas o crees necesitas, comienza con creer primero que mereces esas cosas y que son posibles para ti, no solo en palabras sino en grandes acciones, tanto en como piensas a como te mueves en el mundo, como interactúas con los demás y que clase de mundo creas a…

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