Why not use more love?

The history of the human being is made ​​up of different stages, civilizations and times,we have been calling us as human beings, but despite all that has been done, there is no culture that is used in love, to transform or overcome your worst enemies or renderthe enemy, even as the Bible speaks of wars and deaths of others were valid whenthe God of the Jews did not accept others or for their territory.

Other civilizations like the Egyptians, Babylonians, Persians, Romans, and evenAmerican civilizations as Mexica, Maya, Olmec. Despite its advances in science and technology, continued to use violence, but in the end we did not work that way, because the hate creates more hate, and I think that people like Gandhi, Buddha or Jesus, are those that most need today, what Why? things would change, but I think we are not so different civilizations, we have more of what we call technology, but still,there are conflicts, wars, hatred, I think we still have to use love, all really heal this world of ever more fragmented.


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