Creating your world

All human beings, we are creating and making our life a story, this story is reflected in many of our deepest desires, and with that energy that comes from within and that's when we started to create things, circumstances and we are around for yourself.

We all create our world and an example of creating the world we see it reflected in large companies and ideologies that have emerged in the world, such companies as Coca Cola, Herbalife, Microsoft, Apple Inc., Hilton, Facebook, Twitter, Google.

Companies were started as the world of a person or persons but eventually formed their own world and why not say, now is a whole universe of communication, is also at the quantum level yourself you are creating your world around you, and depends on what you are inside you is what will create, so pay attention to what you are because that reflected both your body and your behavior and this will be reflected in others.

All if we unite we can create worlds of love and peace like Gandhi, Mother Teresa and other enlightened beings able to make peace, a world of peace.

So ask yourself what kind of world I am creating?


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